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Epsilon College is currently the only private college that has the ability to automatically link studies to the labour market, through the Epsilon Net group of IT companies.

Epsilon Net S.A. is a rapidly growing Group of Companies, active since 1999 in the fields of information technology (Epsilon Net Software), creation of digital content on the internet (Epsilon Net Network) and education (Epsilon Net Training).

Epsilon College provides specialised training services in the fields of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Logistics, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Information Technology and Tourism. Innovative courses, modern international programs in collaboration with leading European universities, integrated internships, direct connection with the labor market and provision of human resource selection services to businesses, are the main levers of the services we offer that make Epsilon College unique in the Greek market.

College students will attend modern high-level postgraduate programs, which will combine empirical knowledge, internships and learning in business, while motivating research, organizational and personal development and business change.

The postgraduate studies at Epsilon College are dynamic and adapted to the modern business environment, specialising in Accounting (ELP and IAS) and Taxation, Management and Innovation and direct application of the above with the use of specialized software of Epsilon Net, (Extra and Hyper Accounting Management, Payroll, Tax System for accounting offices, Pylon, Business and Scan HRMS for business HR departments and Pylon ERP for all kinds of businesses).

Through the service of our College we attempt to develop and specialise the most important capital of each company, its human resources, equipping it with modern knowledge, innovative skills and business digital culture.

Epsilon College – as well as Epsilon Net Training – guarantee the high level of skills that will be acquired, the immediate application in the field of work, the support of their application at work to ensure the return on investment, both on a business and personal level.

At the same time, we created the Liaison & Career Office “EVRESIS” in order to support college graduates in finding a job and the partner companies of the Epsilon Net Group in finding a workforce.

Today EVRESIS achieves something unique for the standards of education: it bridges the gap that exists between students who have completed their education and companies that find it difficult to find in today’s graduates the skills they consider necessary.

Today EVRESIS cooperates with many large companies of the private sector, which turn to Epsilon Net every year and ask to hire its graduates. The demand for competent and qualified executives in the field of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Hotel Management, Shipping Business Administration and Advertising, continues to be greater than the supply.

Epsilon College is committed to being what should be an authoritative educational organization in the 21st century: modern knowledge, excellent teaching that promotes the international perspective, so necessary in our modern world and of course the provision of the opportunity for the application of knowledge in practice through the Liaison & Career Office “EVRESIS”.

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