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Epsilon College, a member of the Epsilon Net Group, in the context of the continuous development and seamless development of its educational programs, officially announces the collaboration with the University of Northampton, for the provision of internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study in Greece. Epsilon College in collaboration with the University of Northampton, offers modern subjects related to 3 different Academic Faculties: Business Administration & Economics, Tourism and Informatics. Specifically, the programs offered are the following:

  1. MBA
  2. MSc in Business Information Systems
  3. MA Human Resources
  4. MSc Accounting and Finance
  5. MSc Logistics and Supply Chain
  6. MA International Hotel Management
  7. MSc Computing (internet technology & security)


Epsilon Net Société Anonyme of Informatics, Education and High Technology Products announces that, with the decision number 133462/KI/2017 of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, it was granted a College license, with the distinctive title “Epsilon Net College”. Epsilon Net S.A. with the establishment of Epsilon Net College and already operating as a Level 2 Lifelong Learning Center (KDVM2) with license number 2000177, further strengthens the strategic positioning of the company in the field of education and Lifelong Learning making it an important part of its overall business placement in the Greek market.



Epsilon Net also acquires the certification for a Lifelong Learning Center level 2, offering a high level of knowledge, experience and logistical infrastructure.

Epsilon Net S.A. is a certified Lifelong Learning Training Center level 2 with license number.


A very important collaboration was announced with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Through it, Epsilon Net College offers the title “Financial Accounting (FA)”, addressed to young accountants and graduates of economic schools, as well as the title “Specialization in Greek Accounting Standards “, related to the analysis and adaptation of new data in practice, which is the most current at the moment in the economic sector.



The agreement was reached with the AIA (Association of International Accountants) and since then, three certified qualifications have been offered. The cooperation with the European Professional Training Center (EUPRO) and the supervision of the Association of International Accountants (A.I.A.) of Great Britain, made the professional certification titles of Epsilon Business Training a valuable professional tool of knowledge and specialization.



EPSILON NET S.A. started in 1999 as a natural evolution of the sole trading company HELLENIC DEVELOPMENT, which was active in the field of specialised training on economic issues, since 1992.

One of its first steps was to combine educational activities with information aiming at meeting the needs of executives in the wider economic area.

With the weekly financial-tax magazine EPSILON 7 as the main information tool and immediately after the truly innovative and unique until today on-line bank of tax and labor legislation, it created new data in the market, helping businesses to understand and implement laws as well as practical operational solutions in an ever-changing environment.

In 2002, EPSILON NET, seeing the rapid technological developments since the advent of window technology and utilizing its vast experience and knowledge on the implementation of legislation, enters dynamically in the software production industry for the private sector, focusing on the needs of businesses. The key feature of our journey over the years has been our commitment to listening to the needs of businesses, shaping products and services that are based precisely on those specific needs.

Essentially, our goal and ambition were to integrate the cumulative experience of our customers into unique work tools that meet their needs. With constant market research with careful examination of needs and requirements, with daily communication and interaction through the customer support department, we have managed to stand by businesses over the years.

The great success and acceptance of our product and service solutions the best reward for our strategy. Today, charting a spectacular course of Growth, after the company’s entry into the Alternative Market of the Athens Stock Exchange, we are a truly reliable organization that with vision and clear mission and always focusing on the needs of businesses, we continue the path to the future.

With our more than 1000 employees and executives, with products trusted by more than 70,000 customers with 3 business units, software, Legislation databases- network and training that work together offering a complete solution to each business, we build the largest IT company in Greece in relation to private sector projects.


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