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Epsilon College is the only private College that was “born” from the job market and has the ability to automatically connect studies with it, through the Epsilon Net group of IT companies. It offers academic franchise programs in collaboration with state universities in England. Today, in collaboration with distinguished British universities and institutions, Epsilon College offers a wide range of franchising postgraduate programs as well as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs.

Epsilon College is an approved and licensed College by the Greek Ministry of Education and the degrees it awards are internationally recognized and professional equivalents of public higher education institutions. College students attend modern high-level postgraduate programs, which combine empirical knowledge, internships and learning in business, while motivating research, organizational and personal development and business change.

The studies at Epsilon College are dynamic and adapted to the modern business environment, specialising in Accounting (ELP and IAS) and Taxation, Management and Innovation and direct application of the above with the use of specialized software of Epsilon Net, (Extra and Hyper Accounting Management, Payroll, Taxi System for accounting offices, Pylon, Business and Scan HRMS for business HR departments and Pylon ERP for all kinds of businesses).

At Epsilon College, with the support and assistance of the Epsilon Net group, we build an academic and educational environment oriented to the needs of the labor market. We aspire to be useful to the market executives who want to update their knowledge, shield their skills and evolve.

A critical supporter in this effort is the British University of Northampton, with which we collaborate and offer its academic programs.

At Epsilon College, we are committed to academic excellence, as well as to the development of professional network and personal abilities. Our renowned course leaders, instructors and researchers guarantee a unique academic life experience. Do not hesitate, at any time, to contact the academic and administrative staff of the College. We will be sincerely happy to welcome you to Epsilon College.

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