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The Data Analytics and Business Intelligence course is aiming to introduce, educate and train professionals in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

October, March & June

80 hours

Part time


University of Northampton



Dr Petros Lalos

Why choose this course

Cutting-edge Diploma

Τhe objective of the course is to present the theory and the techniques used in modern data analysis systems in a business context. The program analyses and delves into the responsibilities of the Data Analyst role and what is involved in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), delves into the data ecosystem and explores databases and data warehouses, reveals the major Companies/Vendors within the data ecosystem and explores the various on-premise and cloud tools and introduces Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Hive and Spark.

Teaching Staff

The program will be taught by professionals with extensive industry experience and includes up-to date lectures delivered in an engaging approach, combining fundamental concepts with the practical application of tools through live demonstrations and lab sessions.

Online Course

The program is delivered remotely via synchronous e-learning and participants can use any device (PC, tablet, Smartphone).


The Diploma in Data Analytics Curriculum is endorsed by the University of Northampton.


All students gain free access to Epsilon Net subscription services, On line Bank, Komvos First Level, E-magazine & Free availability and free use of all the School Edition of all Epsilon Net software applications.

Career Prospects

We support our students and Alumni to achieve their career aspirations as a graduate, by connecting them Epsilon Net Group network of 150.000 companies.


Business Intelligence

The module aims to promote an understanding of the role of Information Systems in the strategic management and planning of a business enterprise.

The Data Analytics Process

The module aims to enable understanding of the application of data analytics techniques to business processes.

The Data Ecosystem – Data Structure

The module aims to promote an understanding about the different types of data structures, file formats, sources of data, and the languages data professionals use in their day-to-day tasks.

  1. Databases.
  2. Data Warehouses.
  3. Data Marts.
  4. Data Lakes.
  5. Data Pipelines.

By the end of this module, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of various types of data repositories such as Databases, Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Lakes, and Data Pipelines
  • Understand and use the languages data professionals use in their day-to-day tasks

The Data Ecosystem – ETL

The module aims to promote an understanding about Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process and Use ETL to extract, transform, and load data into data repositories.

By the end of this module, the participants will learn about the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process, which is used to extract, transform, and load data into data repositories.

The Data Ecosystem – Big Data

The module aims to promote an understanding about the different types of data structures and big data. We will cover topics such as, Big Data and Big Data processing tools such as Hadoop, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hive, and Spark.

By the end of this module, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of various types of data repositories such as Databases, Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Lakes, and Data Pipelines
  • Gain a basic understanding of Big Data and Big Data processing tools such as Hadoop, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hive, and Spark

Data Warehousing and Mining

This Modules aims to provides an understanding of the different tools that can be used for warehousing and mining along with some of their characteristics, strengths, limitations, and applications

Visualising Data

The module aims to provide an understanding of data visualisation and promotes the role of Statistical Analysis in visualizing data. Various statistical and analytical tools and techniques will be presented that can be used in order to gain a deeper understanding of data.

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The usage of data in enterprise decision making has been identified as one of the most critical elements for success in our data-driven society. The objective of the course is to present the theory and the techniques used in modern data analysis systems in a business context. This includes architectures, algorithms, tools, applications and commercial systems.

The Diploma in Data Analytics and BI introduces the concepts of data analysis, the role of a Data Analyst, and the tools that are used to perform daily business functions. The course is designed to provide an understanding of the data ecosystem and the basics of data analysis, such as data warehousing and data mining. It provides the required skills needed to successfully convey data to stakeholders, and it also offers the opportunity to become a data driven decision maker.

Epsilon College Diploma in Data Analytics and BI is endorsed by University of Northampton, which is one of the youngest universities in the UK but is already leading the way in adding value to society. UoN has won multiple awards but what matters the most to the University is ensuring that all students and graduates have the opportunity to make their mark.

The University of Northampton has been given the Gold Award in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework – the highest rating possible which places it among the elite of the UK’s higher education institutions.

The Epsilon College’s soundly organised, Career Office, by capitalising on the network of Epsilon Net Group, provides access to student to the largest private Greek companies, maximising the employment opportunities of students and alumni.

Epsilon College supports all students and Alumni to achieve their career aspirations as a graduate, by connecting them with Epsilon Net Group network employers and preparing them for a future beyond the Epsilon College. 95% of our graduates are in employment or further studies.

Completing the Diploma in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence exposes students to various fields for hire, predominately for information systems, data management, business intelligence, and data analysis in various IT industries. The technology sector in this field growing at an expansive rate which is allowing for new opportunities to arise this field.

This Course in taught by Industry Experts who are accredited by the University of Northampton for their excellence in teaching.

The Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Diploma allows participants to acquire data analytics skills that will help them adapt to the rapidly changing business market. The program teaches the most important skills required to kick start or advance the journey with data analysis. Participants learn how to use the most popular business intelligence tools to explore, understand, and master data. The curriculum is certified by the University of Northampton and the program is well organized, modern and dynamic.

Dr Petros Lalos

Epsilon College Alumni

Athanasios Lignos

HR Director Attika Department Stores SA

I made a decision to enroll to a HRM course and my research led me to at an established brand like that of Epsilon College, member of Epsilon Net Group. The program met all the requirements for a flexible, successful and high-level Master’s degree.

The training material complete, the curriculum updated with the latest market trends for Human Resources.

The level of students very high, from almost all sectors of the Greek market. The professors of the program are established, with an excellent academic background, close to us and permanently willing to give their help. Epsilon College’s partnership with the University of Northampton makes this the best choice in HR studies .

Vaios Bizios

Accountant-Assistant to CFO, Damavand SA

Obtaining an undergraduate degree  is a milestone for a successful  career path, however, the acquisition of a master’s degree gives the opportunity to deepen  the subject of study and lead in the labor market. Attending Epsilon College’s MSc in Accounting & Finance graduate program provided me with all the necessary resources and a more thorough specialization in the financial industry. The master’s program not only satisfied my desire for further education but also served as a springboard to a new successful career.

Foteini Gavrilidou

Key Account Executive, Epsilon Net Group

I was lucky enough to be one of the first Master HRM student of Epsilon College and UoN. 

My initial thought was to use my time during the pandemic to acquire more skills and knowledge about the subject of HR, so that I could be more effective in my collaborations.

I chose the full time mode of the programme  and without a doubt I could say that it is one of the best decisions I made for choosing a program, in terms of my training and my professional development, but also my personal development.

Northampton is an amazing University, which created an impressive program and the teaching of the courses is undertaken by professors with professional experience and tangible knowledge of the market in the HR subject.

The program is structured with a scientific background, best practices and new trends in the field of HR, supported by the impressive Northampton library with access to it as students. I would also like to gratefully mention the support of the Epsilon College executives and secretariat which has been invaluable, especially during the difficult period of the pandemic.

I unreservedly recommend the specific study program to any new, as well as experienced professional who wishes to delve into the various tools, new trends and methodologies of the magical HR world and at the same time broaden their horizons.

Georgios Mazias

Sportday S.A Director – UEFA Champions League Project Manager at Mega TV

Flexible. Effective. An amazing program without any doubt. Adapted to market needs. Where knowledge becomes information and education is transformed into skills for every professional. Our professors are always by your side. An user friendly platform. Direct access to English University platforms. Although you study the programme in Greece, you feel like you are a student of the University of Northampton. Epsilon College has taken care of that too. More than a college, much more than a master’s degree.

Peter Saant

Group Treasurer | Finance & Operations

Following my long years of experience in group treasury of a multinational corporation reporting to the C level executives, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Finance & Accounting to enhance and update my knowledge and obtain a complete view of the said field in search for my next step in my career.

Most of the modules helped me in improving my knowledge in finance however, to my surprise, through my master’s studies at Epsilon College, I was introduced to a relatively new subject of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) which I had no previous experience in and that was closely related to my field of expertise and is very crucial for the viability and performance of corporations today. I strongly believe such learning experience will assist me elevate my career path in the foreseeable future.

I am satisfied that the course of 18 months was up to date, delivered by professional tutors who presently work in the industry (bankers and finance specialists of multinationals) who shared their work experience with their students throughout, making the theoretical part applicable and comparable to actual industry events.

I was also impressed with the organisation of the college in setting up the study sessions and programs that allowed me to manage my time working, studying, and spending quality time with my family. The whole experience was very enjoyable and extremely useful.

Stavroula Skamnaki

Accounting Supervisor in the area of Chania, Crete at Domes Resorts

Choosing to continue your studies in an older age with many is an important decision to make and it should be made based on strong personal criteria, goals and aspirations.  Participating in the MSc in Accounting & Finance of Epsilon College supported and strengthened my intention to gain in depth knowledge and specialization  in the subject of Finance and Accounting. The knowledge I gained through this 2 years  broadened my  intellectual horizon, making this program an exciting experience, which offers exactly what you need to evolve.

Anastasia Iliopoulou

Payroll Assistant at Johnson & Johnson

My decision to participate in the postgraduate program of Epsilon Net College, in the field of Human Resources, is proving to be particularly successful, as I am already able to recognise the modern challenges of this field in Greece but also at the global level. The knowledge as well as the continuous practical methods offered by the program transformed me to a HR Professional able to manage any human capital need in the modern, continuous changing professional environment.

Our teaching staff with real work experience in the field was always willing to support our effort, contributing  significantly to our success . The resources of the program, combined with the wide recognition of the University of Northampton, gave me the opportunity to enter  the world of HRM, enabling me to take the next step in my career.

Stefania Farsati

Human Resources Manager at Renault & Auto Unit – N.Poulakis

Choosing Epsilon Net College for postgraduate studies in the field of HRM is the right choice.  Professionalism, reliability, fully qualified teaching staff, with many years of experience in the field and willing to solve any question that arises, are a few words that come in mind when I think about my experience.

During the period of my studies, I had the opportunity to broaden my horizons, improve the organization of human resources at work, and directly provide, from the very first courses, innovative solutions to complex issues that plague the entire business sector in nowadays, primarily in the field of human resources.

I recommend it unreservedly, not only to up-and-coming, but also established human resources executives, who through the program will benefit from modern training in their field of work.

Athanasia Ntimtsa

HR Assistant Recruiter – Teleperformance

Studying the MA HRM program at Epsilon Net College allowed me to broaden my horizons and understand the business world and specifically the field of Human Resources. I had the opportunity to meet people from different industries who had their own point of view, which created a fertile ground for discussion. Through the curriculum related to current HR trends, a wide network of students and the involvement of faculty with “real” work experience, the HRM program helped me move to the next step in my career.

The course provided me not only with the technical skills I needed, but also useful soft skills through workshops, individual development projects and feedback. To those who are interested in attending the HRM program, I can assure you that you will immediately realise the value of this program! In a short time, you will be able to understand the nature of HRM and its processes .

Christos Tselempis

Human Resources Consultant | Employer Branding Specialist | HR Generalist – Agrotech S.A

My decision, to enroll for postgraduate studies at Epsilon College, turned out to be the right one! The knowledge I acquired during the Master of Arts in Human Resources Management came from the combination of, continuous provision of educational material, targeted assignments and discussions with lectures and fellow students.  
Our professors provided us with a pleasant online experience, despite the difficulties of the pandemic. I would describe my studies at Epsilon College as a journey full of challenges, a lot of studying, but also a lot of good times! The value of the degree by the University of Northampton gave me the resources to take my first steps in the world of HR



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