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Personal Tutoring

Personal tutoring is one of the most important learning support services of epsilon College. All students are assigned to an academic personal tutor, (PT), from whom they receive individual support for all academic issues.

You are strongly encouraged to share any difficulties related to, and/or affecting your studies with your Εpsilon College personal academic tutors; You will find support and the best solution possible to every academic difficulty.

Students have the opportunity should meet at least once per year with their personal tutor, at PT request, but have the ability to arrange more frequent meetings, should they be in need to do so.

Library Access

All Epsilon College students have full access to our partner University E-Library, where they can find e-books, e-journals, and databases and are also encouraged to visit nearby, open-access University Libraries.

Our facilities provide also  opportunities for on-site study, printing and photocopying facilities, computer facilities, an information desk and the borrowing service. The digital services of the library include the on-line book search and availability check, book reservation and borrowing extension. The library collection of the College is continuously renewed and updated, providing students with excellent opportunities for study and research.

Academic Progress services

Epsilon College has developed an integrated support system, aiming to increase student achievement and performance within the UK higher education context. Our goal is to provide to our students all the necessary tools to achieve their academic goals and thrive . Our students are among the top students of the collaborating university due to our support system and Academic Progress & Feedback services.

We use multiple ways to monitor our students progress:

  • Meetings with academic staff
  • Personal Tutoring
  • Formative assessment
  • Feedback

Digital Learning Platforms

Epsilon College has invested significantly in the development of a website that has increased functions and capabilities. More specifically, it has its own digital platform, which supports synchronous and asynchronous distance learning. In all courses, students have at their disposal a wealth of interactive educational material. Digital courses are conducted through Teams, Zoom  and, BigBlueButton. The platform is mobile responsive, so connecting from a mobile device is simple while the experience of the physical classroom is simulated in a digital environment. In addition, students have the possibility to watch the video recording of the entire lecture or any part of it as many times as they want, either to refresh their knowledge, or compensate missing a class. Also all our students get a Microsoft Office 365 academic account.

As a Epsilon  College student, all students have access to the partner University digital learning platforms. The digital services of the College provide you the flexibility to study at your own pace, boosting your learning experience and optimising the learning outcomes.

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